On the days 7,8 and 9/12, the Butantan Institute, with the support of the chinese biopharmaceutical Sinovac, will hold the international event with the objective to promote the scientific discussion about the efficacy and safety of CoronaVac vaccine in Brazil and in other countries, and debate the results of the effectiveness study in Project S, promoted on the city of Serrana, located on the countryside of São Paulo.

The meeting will gather brazilian researchers from several areas and specialists from the United States, Turkey, Chile, China and Spain. “The CoronaVac is a mark on the process of immunization in Brazil. It’s important to show all the scientific studies and clinical trials of success that allowed the survival of a lot of people”, points out the scientific leader of Butantan Institute Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi.

Among the topics discussed there will be the development historic of CoronaVac, the immunogenicity among eldery, children and teenagers, people with comorbidity and immunosuppressed, the positive response to the reinforcement of the third dose and the time of immunization reached by the immunizing in different context.

“The CoronaVac is the main character of the clinical trials in Brazil. She directed a serie of discussions and decisions for the development of a vaccine based on scientific concepts, that demanded a lot of research work and investigation”, affirms Ana marisa Chudzinski-Tavassi, director of the Development Center and Innovation from Butantan Institute and one of the speakers of the event.

The Institute Butantan president, Dimas Covas and the Sinovac president, Weidong Yin will open the Symposium. The scientific discussions will be held in the morning period (Brazilian Time) and in the afternoon there will be round tables for the general public, with specialized professionals to comment and reverberate the main themes aborded.

The event will be held online. The registrations to participate are already open.